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The Creative Growth project is after three years work coming to an end! The wheels are running and the work will continue in the regions and the EU.

In Creative Growth 11 partners from 9 European countries has successfully worked together to raise the awareness of the potential and importance of the creative sector as an emerging business sector. Much effort has been put into mapping the creative sector in our regions providing statistics and facts to identify challenges and possibilities creating a good starting point for concrete actions. Much has happened since the project was initiated in 2007, the development of the cultural and creative industries has moved from the margins of policy making to now being on the top of the strategic agenda. A challenge is to keep the interest and policy debate on culture and creativity also onwards.

In Creative Growth an active partnership has worked together and shared experiences from the cultural and creative industries identifying good practise and business support strategies within the fields of access to finance, incubators, networks and on how we to promote science, industry and research collaboration. In four thematic working groups representatives from different stakeholders of the creative sector have been gathered and contributed with valuable knowledge and input broadening our perspectives. Through interregional seminars and study visits we have been given the possibility to learn more about the sector in different parts of Europe and to see good examples in practise.

the start with the overall objective to accelerate economic growth and influence policy development, and as if this was not enough to increased European competitiveness. With the results and knowledge collected, we cannot yet see the long-term results but we definitely dare to say we have contributed to the ongoing development process! The experiences collected have been boiled down into a set of policy recommendations on how to stimulate continued discussion and collaboration among policy makers on local, regional and EU-level as well as an impact on future actions coming up.

To be continued…

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The Creative Sector is a key driver for economic development and growth. Strong support policies and business development mechanisms is a prerequisite for maximizing the business potential of the creative sector.

Creative Growth wants to support creative entrepreneurs in making business out of creativity.

Creative Growth offers to decision-makers and implementers evidence-based knowledge on support policies and business support mechanisms that the creative sector needs to maximize its growth potential.

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